Quality properties with excellent service in Madeira Island.

About Quali Real Estate

Quali Real Estate is a real estate agency, based in Funchal, Madeira Island, which is dedicated to linking owners and potential buyers of all types of real estate, such as villas, apartments and land.
The company provides a high quality customer-centric service, meeting their true needs and enhancing all types of investments, whether buying or selling real estate.
With a highly professional and specialized team of consultants in constant formation, Quali Real Estate can meet the highest standards of the national and international real estate sector.
Our mission

Our mission

QUALI covers much more than the purchase, sale, transfer and lease of real estate.
It presents itself as a service provider across the real estate market!
Special attention to the public and the application of fundamental principles allow us to show QUALI Real Estate´s image and values to our clients, partners and, in particular, to the real estate market: Creativity; Optimism; Efficiency; Responsibility; Ethic; Common sense.
Our vision

Our vision

We are in the market to show that it is possible to conduct the real estate transaction process in a serious, effective and humane manner. We work daily to improve customer service and study real estate trends so we can discover new ways to streamline all processes.
Buying or selling a property is not a time consuming and complicated action. We help throughout the process. Visit us and learn all we can do for you.